• DDX Regal cinema

    We are thrilled to announce our latest and most exciting venture yet - a luxury cinema hall that is sure to take your movie-going experience to a whole new level! This state-of-the-art cinema is designed with all the modern amenities you could ever dream of, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the entire screening. From plush seating that will make you feel like royalty, to cutting-edge technology that will immerse you in the movie like never before, every detail has been meticulously crafted with pure joy in mind.


  • Drishti offset & Packaging

    Drishti offset & Packaging Pvt ltd brings big waves in the printing industry! The dedication to staying ahead of trends and meeting customer demands has led them to this exciting expansion.Adding packaging solutions to their already impressive portfolio, Drishti group strengthened its position in printing industry by adding packaging vertical to the group. With a laser-like focus on mono carton boxes, labels, and flexible pouch packaging, this exciting development means that businesses can now rely on Drishti Group for all their printing and packaging needs.


  • MPT DDX Drive in cinema

    Drishti Group came up with Central India’s first drive in cinema in partnership with MP Toursim. Latest movie viewing experience in open air from the comfort of your car, an open-air setting, a starry night sky to enjoy the latest blockbusters. An outstanding gift to the the city`s cinema lovers who love to embark on this exciting cinematic adventure together!


  • Drishti Business Centre

    Rental space for corporate and government offices in the heart of the city where progress and productivity collide! The prime locations offer convenience, accessibility, and a vibrant atmosphere that will inspire both your team and clients. With the intention to elevate businesses to new heights in a space that truly represents your brand, Drishti Business Centre is a landmark project.


  • Hotel Drishti

    Drishti Group set its foot in hospitality industry with its first hotel of 35 rooms, banquet halls and restaurant. The vision is to pampered in style at a stunning property boasting luxurious rooms, elegant banquet halls, and a mouthwatering restaurant. With their impeccable attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, the Drishti Group redefined the hospitality experience stay filled with comfort, delectable cuisine, and unforgettable memories.


  • Drishti Plaza

    Drishti Plaza, a commercial property that not only provides rental spaces but also opens up a world of endless possibilities for business houses and professional. With prestigious tenants like Reliance, Pizza Hut, Pantaloons, and many more esteemed brands, Drishti Plaza is the epitome of success and prosperity. Our vibrant atmosphere coupled with state-of-the-art facilities ensured that the businesses thrive with joyous energy. Whether you're looking for a prime location or seeking to expand your brand's presence, Drishti Plaza is here to fulfill all your aspirations with unmatched zeal and unwavering commitment.


  • DDX Cinema

    Drishti Group has stepped into the entertainment industry! With their visionary mindset and passion for providing top-notch entertainment experiences, Drishti group decided to start their journey by opening a magnificent multiplex in Bhopal. The moment they unveiled this dazzling space, it became an instant sensation among both locals and visitors alike.The Drishti group's foray into the entertainment industry promises much more than just a multiplex. They have big plans in store to revolutionize the way we experience leisure and amusement.


  • Drishti city

    Next delightful venture was to deliver a budget-friendly residential project with remarkable amenities . Each apartment has been thoughtfully designed with both comfort and affordability in mind, ensuring that families can now enjoy a cozy and stylish living space without breaking the bank. We are overjoyed to have played a part in making dreams come true for so many wonderful individuals and families.


  • Drishti Enclave

    A breathtaking luxury residential project in the capital city Bhopal that has been successfully delivered to our extremely satisfied and overjoyed customers! The successful delivery of this remarkable luxury flat project is yet another milestone in our quest to bring dreams to life and create homes that inspire happiness and contentment. We are grateful for our amazing customers who trusted us with their dreams and allowed us to be a part of this incredible journey towards creating their perfect sanctuary!


  • Drishti builders

    The year marks the onset of Drishti Group`s real estate journey as Drishti Builders and Developers with a vision of playing a significant role in Madhya Pradesh`s real estate and infrastructural development. Today, with several iconic residential projects turning dreams into reality and commercial projects contributing to the infrastructure of Bhopal, Drishti Builders has rooted trust in the heart of the people.


  • Drishti Offset-Journey

    Drishti Offset embarked on its incredible journey in the printing division with a humble beginning, starting off with a delightful single-color machine that proudly bore the same name - Drishti Offset! With passion and determination, they set out to create magnificent prints that would leave a lasting impression on all who laid eyes upon them. Over time, their dedication to excellence and commitment to innovation has propelled them forward, transforming Drishti Offset into a vibrant hub of creativity and craftsmanship. Today, they stand tall as an industry leader, spreading joy through their remarkable printing solutions!